Mike Cunningham, CSDO, Banque Saudi Francis

This was the promise of an inspiring culture that Cunningham attracted in 2018 through BSF. “The opportunity fascinated me,” he explains. “BSF collects the voice of the client, analyzes all our different client journeys, and tries to find ways to eliminate friction. Head of five banking divisions – group strategy, change management, group marketing, corporate and digital communications – Cunningham considers BSF’s value proposition for employees to be ‘excellent’ and a breeding ground for vitality.

He is one of the leading EMEA banking experts as CEO and mentor and speaks authoritatively about the excellent cultural offering of the company: ‘In more than 25 years of work, I have never welcomed, appreciated, or appreciated an integral part of a company. did not feel. it was not. like my house away from home. His previous roles include various positions at Barclays, EVP at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and CEO of BankCLEARLY.

When it comes to digital transformation, Cunningham believes technology is just one piece of a larger puzzle. When he compares it to an iceberg, he says the majority (80%) really depends on culture and talent. By focusing on this, BSF has realized its potential. “It is very difficult to really differentiate in [technology]; most banks just look at what their competitors are doing and copy it. “BSF is committed to taking it a step further by actively listening to customers and making the changes they really need. Banking, but this unconventional culture is precisely because of the customer experience (CX) that comes first The bank’s reputation within its national community is invaluable. “We are part of the Kingdom community we have gained by being close to our clients. bank and now everyone has a voice, “he explains

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