Interview with Mikko Honkanen, Co-founder,

Our founding team has collectively spent many years in the technology sector, specifically leading sales teams and managing accounts at major organizations. No matter where we were, we face a consistent challenge — finding the ideal prospects to go after and sell our services. With limited time and resources, it’s impossible in a B2B setting to go after every possible business that may need your services. You need to be able to allocate time to the right prospects and customers. That’s where the idea for Vainu began.

How do you bring ‘super accurate’ marketing qualified leads, and real-time buying signals to B2B sales and marketing team?

Our name Vainu is actually Finnish for “scent of the hunt” — through the use of the right online buying signals companies send, we have built a product that helps B2B sales people target and reach the right prospects at the right time. The accuracy comes from the actionable insights we gather from open data in our database of more than 100 million companies. Through machine learning, our platform is constantly learning, refining, and expanding the depth of our database’s knowledge.

Perhaps the best way to show the power of our platform is through what our customers have experienced. For example, one of our customers, a SaaS vendor in the HR space, spent 67% less time on prospecting while conducting 27% more sales meetings and increase revenue by 36% — all within a six-month period.

Sales teams work smarter and have more time to spend on doing what they do best — talking to people about the value of their product or service. Vainu is the tool that helps them find the people most in need of having that conversation with them.

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