Mike Duffy, THE Director of Corporate Finance, Menzies LLP

Mike Duffy, director of corporate finance at Menzies, joined the team in mid-2018.

With a wide variety of banking and financial services ahead, Duffy believes he’s gotten closer to his relatively new role.

“I have had different financial experiences with the ‘growth curve’ and the ‘deceleration curve’. From the start, the company sought initial financing and after that, Series A and B will grow. Competition in the market.”

The consequences of not sustaining momentum can have disastrous consequences, such as falling sales, internal restructuring, business resumption, or even insolvency. Duffy knows the basics on each side of a company’s potential or recovery curve and can provide the necessary advice to maintain a stable position.

“Momentum is key. However, it is a mistake to continue as if nothing has changed. In the past, technology-focused companies have struggled to operate in other large-scale industries, such as real estate. Market demand is increasing.

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