At Pricefx, we have been a leading cloud-native pricing software provider for more than a decade now, and our systems can connect directly with your SAP ERP, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and CX solutions, but let’s make this clear from the get-go. Rather than giving you the hard-sell on purchasing a new pricing software solution, this article is intended to arm you with all the information you need to know about how working with Pricefx can help you leverage your existing data you currently have resting inside your SAP system and using it to minimize your pain points, make profitable and insightful pricing decisions faster, easier and with less hassle.

Naturally, there will be some processes to go through to optimize your system, and in this article, we discuss the top 4 ways how integrating your SAP Platform with Pricefx pricing software can lead to a range of better business outcomes for your organization.

Read this and learn:

  • Native Cloud Integration 
  • Pricefx offers an SAP® Endorsed App – Premium Certified 
  • Customer First Focus Culture Fit 
  • Identify Inflationary Pressures Quickly & Turn Them to Your Advantage
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