Pricefx is a leading pricing software provider, and our systems can connect directly with your SAP ERP or CRM system, but let’s make this clear from the outset. It’s not the point of this article to sell you a new pricing software product, but instead to arm you with all the information you will need to give yourself the best chance of making your SAP integration with pricing software solution successful and minimize your pain points.

Each business has a separate set of requirements and accordingly, your company’s integration can be configured to achieve the outcomes you need. For example, the possible outcomes are wide and varied; from rebate management to regional breakdown, to protect the integrity and security of your system, or any combination of these or additional factors are all achievable.

Read this and learn:

  • How to Have a Successful SAP integration?
  • What you want to achieve now and, in the future?
  • Who do you want to have access to the system?
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