The rise of hybrid banking: combining physical with digital



As consumers increasingly engage with their hybrid banking remotely, and circumstances such as the pandemic, as well as new digitally-focused strategies continue to play out, there are ongoing questions and serious challenges for banks in defining new models and transitioning to digital offerings.

There will be different requirements and requirements for banks to meet. Adding to this is the ever-increasing complexity of the hybrid banking system, and banks suddenly need a more thoughtful and effective way to prepare.

Most consumers will use their technology as often and as often as they can; others start turning to ways they can get social help. The latter is still important for any trade, partnership, or component of other events.

Many banks are changing the model but the biggest problem remains the use of social cohesion when it comes to, for example, the knowledge and understanding of contract documents and important price decisions money, and materials, as well as the need to be positive proven remote customers before receiving high-quality deals and consulting services.

Banks and FIs are taking advantage of online banking taking advantage of the non-existent personal information benefits of successful telephone bridges. With a new model of integrated accounts, the key is to find the right balance between personal value and number.

Join Finextra, in association with OneSpan, for this webinar, which will discuss recent research and future strategies for banks, addressing the following key questions and more:

  • What does the hybrid model look like to address the new and evolving consumer behaviours in a remote-first world?
  • How do we weave human assistance into digital customer touchpoints for more complex and lengthy interactions to deliver a more collaborative and engaging experience?
  • How to replicate in-person interactions through digital platforms – in a secure and compliant manner?
  • How to create end-to-end experiences whereby consumers can complete complex transactions in a single sitting, remotely, without having to switch channel?
  • Can banks create a strong connection and build loyalty with consumers over time via remote, digital services?


  • Anna Milne – Senior Editor, Finextra
  • Rahim Kaba – VP Product Marketing, OneSpan
  • Alyson Clarke – Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Philip Kinlen – Head of Research & Innovation, Allied Irish Banks (AIB)
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