How banks can benefit from digital corporate customer onboarding



Our panel of industry experts discusses the challenges and banks opportunities of the digitalization of corporate customer onboarding processes.

Compared to online retailers, it is much more difficult to attract business customers. Organizational conditions, responsibilities, and approvals should be taken into account, but this does not mean that registration could take up to six months, for example.

By prioritizing an unused process without repeating it and then repeating these practices, financial institutions can speed up the process and get a smooth background.

The short- and long-term benefits to financial institutions are reflected in the company’s record-breaking, early and rapid financial offerings by improving the user experience and reducing operating costs.

By using a profit-raising plan, if necessary, the plan (and budget) can be increased by the speed of the financial institution.

Building communication channels and structures while entering a business reduces conflicts. Increasing the ease of communication between traditional banking departments means that internal data security and data security can be strengthened, which is equivalent to satisfying the walls of internal communication.

If the number of programs on the board can save up to 66% of the time saved from the manual, paper rule, it is even more difficult to set four patterns.

Sign up for this Finextra webinar with Coconut to listen to our team of industry experts discussing the following topics:

  • What steps do banks need to take to secure a secure network?
  • What prevents banks from valuing company numbers on the board?
  • What are the regional challenges that banks face in hiring companies?
  • Why is it important to improve communication and visual enhancement?
  • How do the problems of the different branches of the country arise from the coordination problems?
  • When will we see protection with real documents and external registers?


  • Gary Wright – Finextra (Moderator)
  • Dennis Rochel – Head of Innovation, CoCoNet
  • Daniel Wellmann – Business Manager Corporate Banking, Berenberg Bank
  • Prasoon Mukherjee – VP, Unit Head of Data & Customer Experience, Global Solution Centre, Société Générale
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