How banks are combining technology and education to combat fraud



Watch our on-demand webinar with BioCatch, as industry experts discuss how banks can better educate and inform their customers about the risks they face online.

The social engineering system is constantly growing and expanding globally. The transition from traditional anti-apartheid practices to better, more transparent, and innovative activities. Starting new technologies through consumer education is more important than ever for financial institutions.

UK Finance recently found that more than two-thirds of all fraudulent transactions (APPs) start online and have announced changes to payment rules to increase the freedom of banks to pay for any fraudulent transaction against their customers. These advances reflect the growing power of the industry in strengthening consumer protection, on the understanding of strengthening consumer protection as a marketing business that can attract new customers.

While financial institutions are interested in educating and educating consumers about the consequences of cybercrime, they also believe that maintaining public order also requires technology. New solutions, such as biometrics, are being used by financial institutions today to address these threats and to improve consumer awareness.

Sign up for this Finextra webinar, hosted in association with BioCatch, to join our panel of industry experts as they discuss the following topics:

  • How has fraudulent behaviour evolved over the past 24 months? What are the pressures that are exacerbating this threat?
  • How can banks better educate and inform their customers about the risks they face when carrying out their financial activity online? Are banks doing enough to support their customer base?
  • In what ways can investment in cyber security and fraud prevention solutions help banks to improve customer experience?
  • Is it more effective for banks to design their own technology solutions to tackle fraud or partner with external providers?
  • Why is behavioural biometrics technology so effective in tackling and preventing social engineering scams? How is it different from controls banks already have in place?


  • Scott Hamilton – Global Payments & Liquidity Expert, Contributing Editor [Moderator]
  • Uri Rivner – Chief Cyber Officer, Co-Founder, BioCatch
  • Joanna Jenkins – Global Compliance Director – Growth and Expansion, Railsbank
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