Companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Uber, and Netflix have grown over the years into large companies leading their individual segments of the technology industry.

Some of them are now switching to FinTech. Apple has launched a credit card, in addition to its payment solutions, Uber has launched a FinTech initiative called Uber Money and Facebook has launched a payment solution and led the Cryptocurrency project Libra.

Despite his enthusiasm to invest in the sector, he has received a lot of negative criticism from the press in recent years. Fintech companies, including Revolut and N26, are involved in their growth plans as trust issues have a significant impact. In fact, former Worldpay CEO Ron Kalifa is conducting an independent assessment of the UK’s £ 7 billion fintech sector. The evaluation is designed to assess the needs of UK fintechs so that the state can ensure the preservation and promotion of the industry’s ‘global reputation’.

During the hour-long discussion, the speakers shared their views on a number of issues, including when an accident turns into a crisis, how to deal with a crisis when it occurs, and how the industry can compensate for it.

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