Cutting mobile banking fraud with dynamic authentication and app security



Aside from the pressure of rapid adaptation and process transformation that mobile banking financial services firms have managed over the last year, the increase in sophistication and volume of fraud attacks has risen in equal measure.

In response to the global technological revolution, fraudsters have raised barriers, used the best technology and advice to automate some of their systems, and created constant attacks on mobile phones. The level of attacks is also rising as technology has become more feasible.

The good news is that banks can be similar if they are not organized, and they do. Strong reliability and risk management are important, and consumers will begin to understand this and do so actively.

It is therefore wrong for mobile banking to stand up and compete in this race because the race exists and will continue to be criminals who always hunt for money and promote assets.

Join us for this OneSpan-related Finextra webinar to hear expert discussions on the following sites and more.

• Intra-application fraud – what errors and why and how to fix them

• How banks are responding now and what could be better – real-time monitoring, security

• Effective use of technology, biometrics, and performance analysis


  • Anna Milne – Senior Editor, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Samuel Bakken – Senior Product Marketing Manager, OneSpan
  • Dr. Hosam Abou El Dahab – IT Demand Management Office Head, ALEXBANK
  • Ritesh Jain – Co-Founder, Infynit
  • Jonathan Williams – Technical Payments Specialist, Payment Systems Regulator
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