AI – the future of content management in financial services

Business information has increased the use of technology to promote financial business processes, expand the arts, and embrace new opportunities and innovation.

Thus, articles or news often provide valuable business information. These documents are an integral part of the business process, starting with customer service, marketing and payment processing, administration, and marketing.

Advanced organizations working in information (AI) and machine learning (ML) focus on valuable knowledge in all types of business, enabling the industry to move forward with greater leadership skills. Finding important business information hidden in these documents is a challenge for many organizations.

Despite attempts to extract valuable information from these texts, many rich texts, such as photos or videos, complicate this information. Modern science has not allowed such a thing, and at the same time, it is lit by use and uncertainty. Join FinTech Futures and Nuxeo as we discuss the possibility of blocking AI for data mining, data collection, and financial services data.

We talk about important examples of how financial systems improve their business practices in new and innovative ways to deliver value to consumers.

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