Accelerating innovation and speed-to-market with APIs and the financial ecosystem



Register with Fintech on Tuesday, May 5, 2021, at 3:00 PM BST as industry leaders discuss ways to accelerate new and faster markets through APIs and environmental economics.

The Accelerating economy has always been driven by applications (APIs). The use of APIs has encouraged large companies like Amazon and small start-ups like Uber to enter financial services by promoting new partnerships. And attract customers to services and service solutions.

At the same time, Accelerating APIs have been released that allow banks to see effective competition, including the ability to create customized offers, improve customer loyalty, and create new tax systems. They have also taken steps to build good relationships with other organizations.

Thus, seeing the full potential of APIs in investing is not an end in itself. Predicting importance must be more than just demanding it. Open APIs under PSD2 has been supported by British and European regulators, but financial and non-financial institutions in places such as Asia have found opportunities to share information and work together to promote increasingly profitable businesses. Open API series are also sold in the United States.

In addition, it should be noted that in a country where financial responsibility and knowledge are based on the human ambassador as a practical approach, the meeting will be behind the research leaders. Therefore, banks need to see APIs as effective in raising interest rates in their relationships with fintech companies and ensuring that customer relationships are not as smooth as possible.

Register on this site with Finextra and Fintech to connect with some experienced traders as they discuss the following sites:

  • How APIs and emergency investment statistics create a character
  • Use technology to verify Len message information
  • How to extend customer service through APIs
  • An effective format for advertising product and service information
  • Business regime and tax increase
  • Investments operate on-site

Speakers include:

  • Jane Cooper – Research, Finextra [editor]
  • Mike Full love – Vice President, Business Planning and Success, Fintech
  • Vilmos Lorincz – General Manager of Lloyds Banking Boka
  • Agnija Gailane – a third party company with open banking, TX Solutions, Nordea
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