A look at the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) cloud security advisory

About this webinar

An increasing number of financial institutions (“FIs”) are using Monetary public cloud services for their Operations such as the COVID-19 display Monetary continues to accelerate the rate of many tests. On 1 June 2021, the Singapore Financial Services Council (MAS) issued a special petition setting out the key principles and regulatory framework that FI must consider before using public services. The consultant does not establish management policies but provides guidelines for dealing with the risks associated with annual risks. In doing so, the consultant expects to add multiple MAS documents to the management system that contain public information (e.g., there is a risk of maintaining technology and cyber cleanliness for other components). Depends.

Join us and explore:

  • Create a public service platform that looks at different aspects of public services throughout the year.
  • Install management capabilities in areas such as Information and Access Management (IAM), cybersecurity, data protection, and cryptographic key managers
  • Track annual sales, service delivery, customer access, and troubleshooting
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