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Challengers yesterday, competitors today, and leaders tomorrow: The rise of the fintech

November 2, 2021 @ 7:00 am

Challengers yesterday, competitors today, and leaders tomorrow: The rise of the fintech-fintech.vision


Tuesday 2 November 2021

15:00 GMT | 16:00 CET | 11:00


 Register for our Challengers’ upcoming webinar with Capgemini, on Tuesday 2 November 2021 at 15:00 GMT as industry experts discuss the importance of leveraging customer data, risk management, and governance capabilities.

Considering the importance of financial services, it is time for financial science companies to surpass their role as competitors, and to create banks to increase their response by providing a change, several changes in competition.

During the epidemic, fintech seemed to be swift on its side – demonstrating its resilience and continuing to attract retailers. Today, these designers need to plan for the future, by pointing out new ways to grow and develop their employees, managing the environment, and demonstrating their potential.

Independent banks, however, tend to have a lion’s share of loyal customers – due to their deep-rooted relationships and financial history. For fintechs to win the race for the best market, however, established organizations need to focus on the full potential of digital banks. Like fintech, this allows them to be protected by the natural world, and to enter new markets. And, by strengthening their family, and using their strength and intimate relationships, they can represent the knowledgeable and capable of the future.

Thus, for the classic banks, the decades-old design has built up a network of solid, rigid, and expensive-working scientific legacy. Again, the numerical value is the answer, even the most important tool.

Sign up for this website Finextra, and Capgemini, and join the smart industry to discuss:

  • Another wave of fintech growth and existing banks
  • Banks can learn from fintech to digital
  • How do banks get consolidation funds to strengthen market conditions
  • Importance of customer data usage, management features, and capabilities


  • Gary Wright – Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]
  • Gareth Wilson – Vice President, Head of UK Banking & Capital Markets, Capgemini
  • Nicolas Colombo Calabrese – Strategic Partnerships Lead, Citi Ventures
  • George Toumbev – Chief Operating Officer, Mettle


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