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Programmable Money and Digital Currencies

Programmable Money & Central Bank Digital Currencies: The biggest trick of modern society is to name and compile different instruments with different credit ratings and ‘money’. This is an interesting…

Blockchains and Central Banks

Blockchains and Central Banks – What Have We Learnt?: For the past two years, R3 has been working closely with several central banks to investigate whether distributed ledgers can support…

Terminology & money: A gentle introduction in 2022

Terminology Surprisingly, the terminology varies from country to country, and words are used in different contexts to mean different things. When discussing the nuances of money it’s important to be…

Blockchain Technology: need and benefits in 2022

A Gentle Introduction to Blockchain Technology: People use the term “blockchain technology” to mean different things, and it can be confusing. Sometimes they talk about Bitcoin Blockchain, sometimes it’s The…


7 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Technology for Competitiveness

Summary What are your business plans and strategies in the current economic climate? Close relationships with customers, better opportunities, cheaper prices, or a crisis. The workshops should reflect and encourage…


Fintech and the digital transformation of financial services: implications for market structure and public policy

Executive summary It’s a big financial change. Technology is changing payments, lending, insurance, and economic management – a process that is accelerating the COVID-19 epidemic. While this has made financial…


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