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PwC Regulatory Professionals for Financial Services offers a full range of risk management services that meet the specific needs of the financial services provider, including legal requirements. The digital financial…

Money Transfer: Small Businesses should ask themselves?

The money transfer world is getting more competitive by the minute. Not only is the landscape filled with different actors, but the time, materials, and financial resources required to stay…

Fintech Startup Idea Validation

Every week, it looks like a new entrepreneur is changing the world in terms of banking and payments; each week, another failed start closes its doors. It is so easy…

How to get Money Transmitter License coverage for Your Startup?

In the US, licensing money transmitters is one of the biggest challenges that startups face in the fintech space. Getting money transfer licenses isn’t easy. It takes a lot of…


7 Ways Financial Institutions Can Use Technology for Competitiveness

Summary What are your business plans and strategies in the current economic climate? Close relationships with customers, better opportunities, cheaper prices, or a crisis. The workshops should reflect and encourage…


Fintech and the digital transformation of financial services: implications for market structure and public policy

Executive summary It’s a big financial change. Technology is changing payments, lending, insurance, and economic management – a process that is accelerating the COVID-19 epidemic. While this has made financial…


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